Why Are We Doing This?

Currently, there are thousands of penny stock investors throughout the world.  All of them are looking to make large profits.  The reality with investing in penny stocks is that you will have some investors who will make a bundle and you will have others left holding the bag.  We want to help in assuring that you are not one of those investors left holding the bag.  In doing our own due diligence research, we saw the need for a web service that condenses the information available and presents it in a way that is structured and informative.  We firmly believe that with our service, your chances of becoming that bag holder will be significantly reduced. 

This site will not provide investment advice or suggestions, but will act as a personal assistant for you in gathering your own due diligence information.

Features and Functions

The features and functions available to a subscriber are determined by the type of account associated with the membership. The features and function may include some of the following:

Ability to define a list of stocks to watch
Customizable layout
View Due Diligence (DD) posts by our DDPosters
Notification when DDPost is created for a stock being watched by subscriber
Realtime Updates
Stock Goodies Chat Room


Data and information will be organized into one of the 17 categories and each category has it's own widget.   

Company Information - Company symbol, name address and a brief description about the products and services produced by the company.
News - Information retrieved from various financial news sources. 
Press Releases - Information retrieved from Press Release sources like PR Newswire, Marketwire and Global Newswire. 
Filings - Corporate reports filed by the corporation.  This information will be retrieved from Pink Sheets. 
Charts - Interactive stock chart widget that displays trading activity. 
Tweets from Promoters - Live tweets from stock promoters. 
Tweets from Investors - Live tweets from investors. 
Twitter Chatter Graph - A graph that shows the three-week chatter pattern on Twitter for a stock
Video - YouTube videos relating to the company. 
DDPostings - Posts created by a DD Poster.  These could be links, attached files, video, or written text. 
Newsletter Promotion - E-Mail from News Letter Promotion companies will be visible. 
Message Board - Real time feeds from several message boards (iHub, Google and Yahoo). 
Board Buzz - A graph that shows the three-week Message Board buzz pattern for a stock. 
Chat Room - A widget that allows a subscriber to have a real time discussion with other subscribers
Stock Goodies Chat Room – Link to Stock Goodies live chat room with professional traders.
Notes - Allows a subscriber to write personal notes/comments. 
Additional Information - Links to numerous external sites that provide supplemental investment information. 
Education - Links to educational resources.


How does it work?

This is a subscriber-based service.  Each subscriber will be required to set up an account.  Once an account has been established, the subscriber will be able to take full advantage of all the features and functions of the website. 

There are two main pages.  The Profile Page is where you see your Personal Information, your Inbox, Stock Watch list and Categories of information available.  The second page is the Detail Page.  On this page the categories of information will be displayed in widgets; each category in its own widget.  Premium and DD Poster subscribers will be able to customize the look of each widget and where the widget is positioned on the screen.  So, if news, stock chart and Tweets from other investors are most important to you, then you can position them on the first row.